Young Leaders development Program

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The Young Leaders Development Program is designed for high potential future leaders with 0-5 years’ work experience who are ready to further their leadership skills, focuses on experiential learning with group discussions, and empowers participants to coach each other so they can reproduce the exercises in their teams. The Program culminates into the Annual Africa Future Leaders Forum which is a think tank that brings together Africa’s fine brains to shape the future of the continent and individual nations. The forum is hosted by eminent scholars and leaders across the globe to mentor and coach the new breed of leaders

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Learning Goals

You will experience an interactive mix of theory and exercises based on positive psychology designed to enhance your ability to lead yourself and your team, along 5 modules:

  • Self-Awareness and Positive emotions: Identify situations in life that create positive emotions, and learn how to induce those moments in your teams
  • Strengths: Learn how to lead yourself and others by building on your personal strengths and energizers
  • Building Amazing Relationships: Strengthen your relationships by practicing empathy and broaden your support to achieve your goals
  • Meaning: Learn how to infuse your life with meaning, and to provide meaning for your teams during challenging times
  • Excellence &Achievement: Make change happen, and create a sense of achievement with each step
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