Startup Leadership Development Program

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Program definition:

The SULS, is constructed on six (6) Pillars, Define, Create, Validate, Build, Pitch and the Explode. The entrepreneur will be equipped with skills, tools and solutions that will ignite and propel them and the communities into their future. Admission is those who have dreamt, crafted an idea and those that are under 3 years in operation that seek to build structure and scale around their business enterprises. The cohorts shall be on a 3months rolling period, with in class sessions and hands practice in the ecosystem of AELS.

Any startUp including but not limited to Technology, Life sciences, Fintech, Manufacturing, Consumer, Food & Beverages, CleanTech and Social Enterprise.

We will look for your experience, A record of leadership and achievement (not necessarily in a startup), visible passion for SULS and actions that indicate you will participate in our community


∗ Your Aspiration

A clear indication that you either founded or run a startup, are an innovator or an idea generator who would like to turn an idea into a company, or are a Venture Capitalists/Angel Investor who wants to be closer to entrepreneurs.

∗ The Passion

For our Fellows for SULS comes from the principles of being equal stakeholders in the Program as those who started it. Each participant gives part of your time to help run the program over the six months by volunteering for one or more activities such as helping to run a simulation, build or run a class, blog about a speaker, hold a social or organize brainstorming and feedback sessions for Fellows.

∗ Attendance

We understand that you may get busy, and at times may not be able to make a class. We have seen our most successful Fellows are able to juggle job, classes, family and fundraising, and somehow make it not only work, they also find time to give advice to other Fellows on their startups. The friendships and networks you build are also incredibly important. Due to all this, we make attendance mandatory. We say if you miss more than two events without a valid reason, you may be asked to leave the program – if we don’t think you are contributing to the Program or the Network. So please carefully consider the time commitment carefully before submitting your application. It’s only 72 hours in total, but we think it could be transformational. So we pay attention to your commitment.

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